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What is happening to the weather? Why is it so hot? Keep reading to find out #summer2018

Why is it so hot?

We’re coming to the end our second month of extreme heat, and every time the weather forecast teases us with the prospect of rain it just doesn’t seem like it will happen. Right now you’re probably sitting there melting into whatever surface you’re sitting on, and just thinking about that tube journey (don’t even mention the circle line) you have to take later. Odds are you’re already pulling your hair out.

It’s so hot that even The Met Office has issued a health warning urging people to stay out of the sun and a hosepipe ban has been brought into force. Deadly wildfires are raging and a record of 41C had been recorded in Japan.

As Brits, we’re notorious for always complaining about the weather. But what’s new is that we’re now talking about it being TOO HOT. The usual joke among the acerbic Brits after any kind of nice weather is "well, that's summer finished then." But with no sign of this heat decreasing whatsoever, we thought we’d look into exactly what is causing this extremely hot weather.

You might be thinking that this is the hottest summer ever, but actually, if we go aaall the way back to 1976, temperatures were hitting an average of 21 degrees during June, July, and August. This summer the average daily temperature has been 20.9 degrees - only .1 degrees less and we still have a month to go. Phew, off to Argos and buy another fan!

But is it the global warming causing this “I-cannot-sleep-it’s-too-hot-weather”? According to The Independent, hot weather and heat waves are completely normal. However, Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge added:

“What we can say is that with a background of climate change, we know that the planet has warmed by around 1°C since pre-industrial times, and we know that if you add that heat to the system it is very likely heatwaves will be more extreme.”

So yes, global temperatures are increasing due to climate change. Bummer! While we, of course, do our bit to make the Earth a bit happier (turn off the light switches etc.) why not come and join our ever growing team and enjoy the sun while working from our lovely rooftop.

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