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Gram Games is a venture-backed global mobile game company with headquarters located in London, UK and an additional studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2012, Gram Games has built a team of industry professionals focused on creating engaging games for mobile platforms.

Gram Games worked with the Talentful team, when we were looking for the talent with which to kickstart our London studio (fully launched January 2017). From the moment they started working, they were incredibly effective, collaborative, and creative in their approach to talent sourcing. Not only that, but the Talentful team became a bona fide part of Gram while they were in office, working to recruit - this speaks to their collaborative, tailored approach to recruitment. Here at Gram, we put a high premium on our culture, and work hard to maintain that when expanding and building our studio - the Talentful team immediately understood this, fully incorporated themselves into our studio, and worked to build a team that not only maintained, but developed and enriched Gram’s environment and culture. Over the course of their work with us, the team worked to recruit 16 individuals - it is largely thanks to Talentful that Gram now has a talented, established studio in London.

Photo of Erin O'Brien, Culture Developer  at Gram Games Erin O'Brien, Culture Developer

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