Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Good question! We build a team which matches your project and they work onsite with you three days a week. On Monday and Friday we all work in our office to protect our great company culture, but your team will be fully dedicated to you on these days too.

    We charge a retainer for the team, not placement fees.

  • What's included?

    The retainer includes our staff costs, job board advertising, and LinkedIn Recruiter.

    You get access to the collective network of our whole team, our exclusive events programme and the brand of Talentful.

  • What does a contract typically look like?

    Our general minimum term contract is four months. We've been working with some clients for over twelve months now and 80% of clients renew at the end of the engagement (many more come back when they raise their next round too).

    You get a dedicated team and there are no extra charges for hiring more people than we originally agree.

  • What if I have a smaller project or want to test you out?

    Not a problem.

    Our Basecamp team specialise in smaller projects. We spend less time onsite with you, but with the same Talentful client service.

    We often work with clients for a few initial roles, and then prove ourselves enough to move on to owning the entire recruitment strategy.

  • How much does it cost?

    The project cost is based on the structure of the team you need. We provide a bespoke quotation for each project.

    Clients tend to pay around 50% of the cost of a recruitment agency

  • What happens if things don't work out?

    It's natural you'd ask that! We have a number of protections in your contract to ensure you receive a minimum level of delivery for your expenditure.

    We're happy to discuss this with you in more detail

  • What is a Recruitment Agency?

    Recruitment agencies assist businesses with the stressful task of searching for and recruiting the best professionals to add to their teams. Pioneering within the recruitment industry, Talentful provides an alternative to traditional contingency-based models by providing in-house talent solutions for growing technology companies,

  • How Do I Find A Good Recruitment Agency?

    The best starting point for any business is to truly understand your company’s needs, allowing you to match these with the recruitment agency that can deliver. At Talentful, we work alongside your team, truly immersing ourselves in the culture and needs of your business.

  • How Do I Use Recruitment Agencies Effectively?

    While many of the traditional recruitment agencies within the industry will take over the process entirely, we strongly believe that working together with the team allows recruitment professionals to understand your company’s needs, while still relieving the stress and hassle of the process.