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How Talentful can help build your team

Digital Marketing roles can be some of the hardest to fill. Each company has a different approach to their strategy, to their clients, and even to their culture. That’s not something you can find easily.

But with Talentful’s unique model, we’re able to build up your company from the inside. Instead of acting alone, offering untargeted candidate suggestions, our specialist team steps in as as an extension of your own resources. This means that we know exactly what resources you need, and who you’re looking for – as well as work quicker and more efficiently, offering fewer unsuitable hires and more high-quality experience.

It’s not just a hiring structure; it’s also an innovative new revenue model. We work on retainer instead of charging commission – there are no hidden fees and no surprises, so you can plan out your recruitment budget much more accurately than with other, slower digital marketing recruitment agencies.

Old-fashioned recruitment is a step behind. It could be better – and that’s what we’re developing. We’re disrupting the industry with recruitment as creative and unique as your work – find out how we can bring our pioneering approach on board with your company.

Areas we hire for in Talentful

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • No commission

    We believe that recruitment agency commission is the fundamental reason why the industry is broken.

    When there's a focus on hitting KPIs, holiday targets and bringing in big commission cheques - there's less of an emphasis on headhunting the best people.

    We charge an all-inclusive monthly retainer with no additional fees upon placement.

  • Teamwork

    Unlike traditional recruitment specialists, our Talent Partners work as an extended part of your growing business, integrating with existing teams and absorbing your culture.

    Working closely with you onsite ensures we really understand the kind of people who will thrive in your company, allowing you to find and retain the very best people.

  • Happy Clients

    We focus our people on the only thing that matters: client happiness. We monitor our customer first approach using Net Promoter Score.

    80% of our clients renew and 90% of our new business comes from recommendations and referrals.

    Over the last two years, we've worked to an average time to hire of 28 days. This also makes our clients very happy.

Talentful IT Recruitment Helps With…

  • Start-Up icon


    Start-ups need exactly the right digital marketing talent to make sure the company survives the early stages.

  • Scale Up icon

    Scaling Up

    If you have a large new client with a project which needs a bigger digital marketing team, we can help you scale up to meet the demand.

  • Expand icon


    When opening a new office for your company, you need new digital marketing staff – and Talentful are the recruiters who can source them for you.

  • Restructure icon


    Talentful can help with digital marketing hires during changes, and following resignations or mergers.

Case studies


Since Talentful have come in, they’ve not only helped us hire some great people, but also helped us look at other aspects like improving our recruitment process and candidate experience.

After 4 months, Talentful feels more like our own internal talent team than an external service.

Caroline Mills, Operations Director

Customer Service
  • Onsite
  • 100-250
  • 12 months
  • 03
  • 64
  • £270,475