How we helped Asana’s Revenue organization make 49 hires in six months

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hires made in six months
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Headquartered in San Francisco, Asana offers a collaboration management tool that enables teams to effectively organize, track, and manage their work. It provides a framework for communication and collaboration between teams without relying on email. Founded in 2008, the company has raised over $453 million dollars in funding over 13 rounds. The business IPO’d in September 2020 and is now valued at $5.5 billion dollars.
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When we initially engaged with Talentful I was unaware of them as a provider and had the assumption that it was almost as an agency partnership. I can 100% say they have well-exceeded expectations. Our Talent Partner has not only integrated seamlessly into the team but she has added a huge amount of value to our end-to-end hiring process and ability to hit our goals.

Katie Quinn
Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA

The Challenge

Talentful was brought on to support hiring for Asana’s Revenue organization as the company prepared for a massive 65% year-on-year growth.

At the time, Asana’s internal recruiters were stretched thin, and the team needed top-of-funnel support to boost pipelines in the GTM (go-to-market) space.

Growth was a key focus in both the US and EMEA, and headcount plans were front-loaded for Q1. Asana’s team was not resourced effectively to hit future goals and needed extra support to ramp up hiring.

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    Balancing hiring fast with hiring top talent
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    Top-of-funnel support needed to boost pipelines
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    Improve candidate experience due to increased competition

The Solution

A team of full-cycle recruiters and candidate-focused sourcers were placed in-house with Asana’s team in the US and EMEA to boost hiring. After successfully hitting targets, Talentful’s partnership with Asana was extended to continue hiring and provide additional value-add training to the internal hiring team, including the following:

• Provide market insights to help Asana’s recruiters broaden their search strategies for hard-to-fill roles.

• Share recruitment metrics to help Asana manage its forecasting and hiring plans more effectively.

• Train Asana’s recruiters to successfully attract, engage and hire high-quality talent.

  • Provide market insights for hard-to-fill roles
  • Share recruitment metrics to help Asana manage its forecasting and hiring plans
  • Train Asana's recruiters to successfully hire high-quality talent

The Results

Talentful successfully increased top-of-funnel activity for Asana’s Revenue organization. In six months, the talent partners hired 49 candidates and achieved an average Time to Hire of 37 days. 75% of hires made by Talentful were from outbound sourcing using LinkedIn InMails. The remaining hires resulted from Talentful supporting Asana with full-cycle roles in the US and EMEA. The team surpassed the initial goal set by Asana, saving the business over $1.1 million dollars in traditional agency fees with an effective rate of 6%.

Talentful’s experts also helped Asana’s recruitment team to rescope several hard-to-fill roles. The talent experts reviewed previous conversion rates for roles and discovered a 0.06% conversion from outreach to offers based on the original scope. After the rescope was approved and implemented by Talentful, it resulted in a 3733% growth in converting outreaches to offers or intended offers for the hard-to-fill roles.

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    49 hires made in six months
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    $1,100,000 saved vs. agency model
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    37 days Time to Hire

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