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Subscription talent acquisition experts, embedded and on-demand

  • Choose the recruitment partner favored by Microsoft, Alphabet and Atlassian.
  • Add our expertise in tech, product, GTM, and G&A hiring.
  • Bring flexibility to your TA operating model, optimizing spend and resource.
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A team tailored to your needs

Your Embedded RPO team will work alongside your existing team, fitting in seamlessly. We attend all types of meetings and can come onsite, it should be exactly like hiring permanent staff.


Find the best talent in the market, engage them with proven messaging and screen them against your requirements.


Take the best quality candidates through your world-class process, with a focus on high close rates and a fantastic experience.


Give a red carpet service to candidates and take a load off your recruiters through timely interview organization.


Spanning the full spectrum of roles in a tech company

Specialist recruiters and sourcers will join your team to meet the demands of your organization. We understand the nuances of hiring all roles, across the world’s major tech hubs and remotely, due to our global reach and varied client portfolio.


Find world class software engineers, SREs, DevOps and Infrastructure professionals to build and level up your product


Hire the product leaders and designers who will help shape your product and offering, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition


Meet the game changing sales, client success and marketing people who will make your product resonate with your ICP


Engage with finance, legal, people and operations masters who will design, build and run systems to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently

Why choose our Embedded RPO?

Augment your talent acquisition team with teams of recruiters, sourcers and coordinators to hire you world-class talent. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the team, to keep costs under control and maintain a superior candidate experience. You can flex the team to suit your needs.

“So to me, if you’re going through a hyper-growth scale-up process, if you want to match quality, speed and let’s be realistic here, cost, the embedded model is the way to go. I can say that with confidence after working with Talentful.”

Kevin Seay
Global Head of Talent Acquisition

“Something that I’ve found to be super valuable from Talentful is the advice they’ve given us: how to create a very compelling employer value proposition, doing A/B testing with reach-outs to candidates and growth hacks to tap into additional channels.”

Nathan Woo
Head of Engineering

“Talentful not only brings top-tier leadership support and TA talent to help get the work done, they care deeply about the how – which resonates and reflects our ability to grow as a company in a thoughtful, representative way.”

Jessica Cummings
Head of Talent Acquisition

“When consultants are involved in all three of those things: delivery, stakeholder engagement and project work, I think you get the most out of Talentful.”

Scott Baxter
Talent Acquisition Manager

“Talentful has not only integrated seamlessly into the team but she has added a huge amount of value to our end-to-end hiring process and ability to hit our goals.”

Katie Quinn
Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA

“Having Talentful on-site as an embedded partner within our business has allowed us to scale quickly, but to grow in the right way and hire great people enabling us to continue our growth for the future.”

Matt Norell
Head of Tech Recruitment

So how does it work?



We follow a structured process to determine the best team setup for your requirements.



Taking care to prepare well allows us to embed seamlessly into your team.


Project running

The team is now working natively in your organization, filling roles and reporting on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.



We hand over all data and intelligence to you, to ensure your team can easily pick up on our work.

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Who is Embedded RPO suited for?

You have short to medium term visibility on their hiring demands
You are building a new function or filling a set of niche roles
You are scaling globally and launching in a new territory
You care about hiring high-tier people who fit the culture of the business

Find out how we can help your business

"We’re growing quickly and need talent fast"

Hiring plans are not always predictable or consistent. Talentful can plug into your business quickly and seamlessly in a matter of weeks. We’ve hired hundreds of roles in a short space of time for many of our fastest-growing clients, adopting a data-driven approach to ensure our partnerships are strategic and deliver strong ROI. Find out more about how we hire at scale in our client case studies.

"We want to improve our recruitment process"

Building successful processes that last is essential to team growth in the long run. It’s wise to consider bringing in external expertise to ensure this is done correctly. While some consultancies may advise on process without delivering on your hiring goals, Talentful provides a unique blend of tactical recruitment delivery, strategic process building and long-term planning.

"We need extra support for our in-house team"

It’s a common misconception that internal teams and external support are at odds with each other. At Talentful, we find that working with internal teams often creates the best results, as it allows us to combine our external expertise and specialized knowledge with the internal and cultural understanding of your in-house team. Our unique embedded approach means that our consultants work incredibly closely with existing team members to maximize results.

"We want to keep the hiring bar high"

Often, when hiring at scale or at pace, the quality of incoming candidates can drop. With pricing structures based around quick results, many recruitment partners are incentivized to hire the first candidate they engage, rather than the best candidate. By eliminating commission and focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we’re incentivized to deliver you the very best talent in the market.

"We want to reduce our recruitment costs"

Talentful partners save, on average, almost 50% versus a traditional agency model. This is because, rather than taking commission on individual roles, we focus on building strong partnerships that deliver ROI over time. Many of our partners even find that our model is more cost-effective over time than increasing the capacity of their in-house team.