Relax, we’ve done this before

We’re not a one-hit wonder. Our ‘inside-out’ model gets results time and time again. That’s why many of the world’s leading companies have chosen us to help them build industry-leading teams.

We've asked a few of our clients for their thoughts on our work below...

Michael Kenway Recruitment Manager, EMEA

Box is a leading cloud content management company on a global mission to make businesses more productive, competitive, and collaborative.

"Talentful had an immediate impact on our recruitment process. The Talentful community added so much value for us. Everyone we worked with was cheery, outcome and results-driven and a joy to work with.”

1,001 - 5,000 Organization size
9 months Project duration
15 Hires made
£39,720.17 Total savings
Chris Wilkinson Director of People

Depop is the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace.

We initially joined Depop for a 6 month period, before returning for a 6 month extension.

"Talentful really embedded themselves into Depop's team and culture, which meant that we were able to identify strong candidates, run efficient recruitment processes, keep communication high and significantly reduce our time to hire.

I would highly recommend the Talentful crew to any company looking to grow their team quickly and efficiently."

51-200 Organisation size
12 months Project duration
43 Hires made
£158,228 Total savings
Vera Termühlen-Enger Global HR Director

The market leader and pioneer of free-floating car sharing, SHARE NOW has over four million members and is represented in 30 major cities.

"Talentful really made sure that the hiring managers know what it means when we scale, they gave us a structure.

When building the product team, we needed five product people and Talentful managed to hire all five, the full team, within six weeks. This was really awesome."

501 - 1000 Organization size
5 months Project duration
20 Hires made
€78,149.59 Total savings
Tom Lienhart Chief Operation Officer

i2x leverages the power of AI to transform the human voice into actionable insights in real-time, helping sales and customer support agents to excel at their jobs.

"We tried several approaches and none of them were really delivering on the quality that we were looking for. And with Talentful, it was more of an extension of our existing team.

They were coming here, living with us, and experiencing what we were experiencing."

51 - 200 Organization size
7 months Project Duration
16 Hires made
€62,226.27 Total savings
Zoe Rumford Chief People Officer

Founded in 2014, Acast is the best curated, fully integrated, fastest growing podcast marketplace in the world.

Our partnership with the Acast team began in 2018, with two of the Talentful team recently becoming 4 to help Acast scale globally through hiring the best talent.

"Talentful are really helping us find the best talent, that are the right fit culturally for the business. It’s really important, particularly when you’re scaling.

They come in and feel like a part of your business, so by spending time in the office, traveling to the different offices, getting to know the business, makes them feel as though they are part of the company."

51-200 Organisation size
8 months Project duration
34 Hires made
£168,099 Total savings
Sam Coley Co-Founder & CTO

TickX is an events and tickets search engine that aims to reduce the hassle of ticket purchasing by comparing over 100 ticket sites to secure the best deals.

“The big surprise was the quality difference in the candidates and how much easier it was as a process.

The key is being embedded in the company, and that is so different. The relationship is so much closer. It goes from being like a customer/client relationship to being a part of the team, fully understanding what I want and what the company wants.”

1-50 Organisation size
6 months Project duration
15 Hires made
£52,305 Total savings
Tamsin Webster Director of HR

Thought Machine is on a mission to revolutionise the foundations of modern banking technology.

Our partnership has helped Thought Machine save over £600,000 to date. Two on-site talent partners quickly grew to ten at the end of 2018, as we adapted to match Thought Machine’s rapid growth.

"It feels like a true partnership, so I feel like I’ve got another voice and thinking partner within the organisation who thinks about HR.

Talentful have helped me hire probably in the hundreds now. We’re getting massive traction. Without really great calibre people, we couldn’t do that.”

51-200 Organisation size
24 months Project duration
128 Hires made
£628,096 Total savings