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Our internal team reached 100% capacity after Hopin’s growth surged at the beginning of 2020 and we needed support to scale fast.

Talentful offered a fantastic solution by providing expert talent partners that could hit the ground running straight away. The Talentful team has not only helped us scale at speed but has also massively improved the candidate experience and reshaped many hiring processes, which has enabled us to hire much faster.

"Talentful really embedded themselves into Depop's team and culture, which meant that we were able to identify strong candidates, run efficient recruitment processes, keep communication high and significantly reduce our time to hire.

I would highly recommend the Talentful crew to any company looking to grow their team quickly and efficiently."

Talentful really allowed us to shift the goalposts for what was achievable. More than doubling the size of our engineering team in the space of a year unlocked previously out of reach opportunities, whilst the foundations and training put in place by the Talentful team meant it wasn’t just a short-lived spike of growth for us.

With limited permanent headcount available for an ‘unproven’ talent strategy, Talentful offered a great solution by providing experienced and well-trained talent partners that could hit the ground running straight away.

The Talentful consultants we have on site are very much part of the team and have been getting stuck into the day to day hiring as well the various strategic projects we launched this year to get tools & processes in place.

There have been many partners that I have dealt with throughout my professional life but what strikes me the most about Talentful is their drive to in-depth understand your business and based on that provide the best possible outcome.

They are extremely results orientated as well as driven to deliver exceptional experience and value for your business. The partnership with Talentful enabled Taxfix to scale up at a pace that matched our ambitious growth plans.

At SB it’s not just about hiring people quickly - we have a big focus on hiring the right people, the talent experience and being known as an amazing place to work. The great (and unique) thing about working with Talentful is that they deliver results whilst also putting emphasis on this at the same time. They hired over 40 tricky roles for us and gave us processes and learning that we needed so that our new joiners felt empowered to do their best work from day one. Their consultants were fantastic brand ambassadors too and a delight to work with.

Taking a more executive-search style approach to a couple of niche/leadership roles has been the project that stands out most clearly; from doing market-mapping and talent intel research to a higher level than most exec-search firms I've worked with, to tailored, strategic candidate reach-out/engagement plans.

HomeServe Now is a new product, so we needed to build Product and Engineering teams from scratch. Talentful was our internal talent team and helped us to recruit our excellent talent I strongly recommend them. They have the right experience and the right approach and are able to move fast.

Talentful has helped us with finding key new hires in the timeframe that we need. The team are so easy to work with, and they have been very flexible in working across timezones to meet our requirements to hire across the world. I highly recommend working with Talentful, to help you find the talents that you need!

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