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Alice Roper Recognized In Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35 List

Alice Roper, Managing Director at Talentful, is recognized in Management Today's 35 Women Under 35 list, celebrating exceptional individuals in the UK who have significantly impacted their respective fields.
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Talentful Promotes 28% Of Employees After 2022 Mid-Year Review

Our recent mid-year review resulted in 28.5% of Talentfolk being promoted into a new role, as well as a 2.4% increase in our leadership population.
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The Embedded Recruitment Model That Will Help Transform Your Business

Here’s more information on how our talent experts can help your company scale quickly and efficiently without compromising quality.
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Talentful Announces Its New Global Employee Stock Option Programme

Talentful, a global leader in talent acquisition services, announces its employee stock option programme to current and future employees globally.
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How Talentful Can Help Scale Your Team Post-Covid

Whether your business is looking to kickstart their tech hiring, commercial hiring, focusing on building diverse pipelines or breaking into exciting new markets – we have the tools and processes you need to outrun the competition.
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Five Tips to Keep New Hires Engaged Before Their Start Date

Pre-boarding employees is the period between a candidate signing their offer letter and starting their new role, and it can make or break the experience for your new hires.
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How To Attract And Retain Talent During The Great Resignation

Employees are leaving jobs in droves — and the trend is set to continue. Companies that want to attract and retain great talent need to implement serious changes to stay competitive.
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Talentful Appoints Charles Henrich As Chief Product And Technology Officer

Talentful is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Henrich as Chief Product and Technology Officer.
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Talentful Spotlight On: Radical Recruit

The fourth company we have chosen for our “Talentful Spotlight On” blog series is Radical Recruit, a non-profit recruitment consultancy that works exclusively with under-represented people in the labour market. 
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Kelly Barnett Joins Talentful As Vice President Of People

Talentful, a leading embedded recruitment consultancy based in the US and EMEA, today announces the appointment of Kelly Barnett to its executive team as Vice President of People.
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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Conduct A Talent Audit

The world has changed rapidly over the last year and data suggests this will continue, so it's likely that your industry will follow the same pattern. By conducting an in-depth talent audit, you’ll be able to identify the significant skills gaps that must be filled to succeed in the new normal.
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Time To Rethink Your Job Descriptions? Here’s How

What could be said about job descriptions that haven’t already been said hundreds or thousands of times before? Well, rather than thinking about job descriptions from a recruiter viewpoint, instead think about them as a candidate. 
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Innocent Udia Joins Talentful As Chief Financial Officer

Talentful is pleased to announce the appointment of Innocent Udia as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
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Talentful Spotlight On: HealthHero

As part of our “Spotlight On” blog series, we shine a light on HealthHero, a tech organisation that brings together human expertise and digital convenience to provide quality remote healthcare.
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Talentful Spotlight On: Sanctus

As part of a new blog series exploring businesses that exist to fix common challenges that both companies and professionals experience, we shine a spotlight on Sanctus, a mental health organisation that brings sanctuary spaces to workplaces across London.
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Talentful Spotlight On: Stacker

The fifth “Spotlight On” interview features Stacker, a tech company that is on a mission to bring the power of software to everyone.
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Talentful’s Q2 Mission Update 2021

We’re on a mission to invent the future of recruitment and transform the industry as we know it. We took time to reflect on the previous six months and discussed plans for the next stage of our growth strategy.
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Talentful Spotlight On: Personio

“Business resilience depends on a solid and enabled HR function, but HR can’t be strategic until it excels at operations.” - Cassandra Hoermann, People Experience Lead.
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Five New Talent Directors Join Talentful’s UK Leadership Team

Talentful welcomes five new key hires to its UK leadership team - Talent Directors Anthony Dacres, Simon Whittle, Deborah Lally and Gareth Linnard as well as Global Talent and Resourcing Director, Debra Harris.
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Talentful Spotlight On: Multiverse

The second blog in our new series "Talentful Spotlight On", we shine a light on Multiverse, a UK startup that is building an outstanding alternative to university and corporate training.
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Five Ways To Engage And Support Your Team Remotely

Engaging your team can be challenging enough at the best of times, but as we have all experienced in one way or another, COVID-19 has introduced a whole new layer of complexity and challenge to the ‘workplace’.
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Workshop Recap: Post-Brexit Immigration Laws

On the 1st January 2021, immigration laws in the UK will change and a new points-based immigration system will be introduced. After hosting an insight-packed webinar on the topic at the beginning of October, we hosted an educational follow-up workshop in conjunction with Keystone Law.
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Roundtable Recap: How to Rapidly Scale Talent Team Capabilities When Hyper Scaling

Talentful and Recruiting Brainfood team up once again to host a roundtable for some of Europe's leading Talent decision makers. On the agenda: how to scale your talent function when the business is in hyper growth.
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Roundtable Recap: Why is Now the Right Time to Conduct a Talent Audit?

Earlier this month, Talentful teamed up with Recruiting Brainfood to host a VIP roundtable for some of the UK’s leading figures in HR and Talent Acquisition.
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Interview: How To Hire For The Future, Remotely

Talentful founder and Co-CEO, Phil Blaydes, joined Charlie HR founder Ben Branson-Gateley on The Culture Ops Podcast to discuss how COVID has affected the way we interact, and what that means for how we'll hire in the future.
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How To Convert Your Hiring Freeze Into A Productive Planning Phase

Working with your team to increase productivity is essential at any point in time, but becomes even more important when you know that you're not going to be hiring new team members anytime soon.
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Here’s Why Berlin Is At The Heart Of Sustainable Innovation

Back when it was the torn and walled epicentre of the Cold War divide, very few would have predicted that Berlin would transform into a global melting pot of culture, technology and innovation. 
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Here’s How You Get Everyone To Buy Into A Great Company Culture

Our Founder and Co-CEO, Christopher Abbass, shares his insights on how to form a company culture that everyone in the team can get behind while scaling rapidly.
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Working From Home Is Harder Than You Think, But A Good Company Culture Makes All The Difference

Successful remote working during the COVID-19 crisis may be a sign your company culture is in good health, but should some of the changes be permanent?
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The Importance Of People Analytics In A Post-Coronavirus World

Tom Davies, Talent Partner at Talentful, explains how people analytics help shape the future of work and why this data is critical for all aspects of a crisis response strategy.
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Change Is the Only Constant and That’s Okay

"At any given moment, you never know what will impact your business, your employees, and your market." - Phil Blaydes, Talentful Founder and Co-CEO.
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Oiling Your Hiring Engine During a Market Shake-Out

"Take a scythe to your costs, tarmac a runway extension and double down on work-from-home think pieces. We’ve got a business to save." - George Morriss, Director of Startups, Talentful.
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Why Flexible Working Drives Great Productivity

"For any company culture to thrive with in-office hours and remote workers, you need to empower and trust employees to do their best work." - Caroline Lee, Senior Internal Talent Partner, Talentful.
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Why You Need Bias To Be A Great Recruiter

"There are a lot of biases that humans have. You aren't born with biases, they're created by experience and your environment." - Phil Blaydes, Talentful Founder and Co-CEO.
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Here’s Why You Should Care About the Gender Pay Gap

"To close the gender pay gap we all need to take steps that put everyone on the same path." - Vyshi Pereira, Senior Talent Partner at Talentful.
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Understanding The Power Of People And Technology

"Tools such as AI and machine learning are changing the future of recruitment. But the human aspect of hiring shouldn’t be neglected" - Jack Ison, Talent Associate, Talentful.
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This Is Why Blitzscaling Threatens Talent Acquisition And Company Culture

- Christopher Abbass, Founder & Co-CEO, Talentful.
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What Kind of Slack User Are You?

Journalist and Slack aficionado Tristin Cross unearths the different personas you’ll find clogging-up the channels in every business.
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The Golden Rules To Working Productively From Home (Without Testing Your Sanity)

Remote working is on the rise, nowhere more so than in the tech sector. Here’s how to do it smartly.
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Talentful Talks: What Can We Expect From This New Decade In 2020?

“If you want to future-proof your career, invest in your curiosity”.
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Getting On Board With Onboarding

Here are some top tips on how to enhance the onboarding process to engage talent and stay ahead of the competition.
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Here’s Why Sourcing Channel Effectiveness Is The Metric You Need To Measure

Sourcing channel effectiveness: what it is, how to measure it and how to use it to make better hiring decisions.
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Here’s What We Learned About Talent Acquisition In 2019

Key takeaways from the first 2020 Talentful Talk with HR Club Berlin.
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Recruitment Is Broken, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

- Phillip Blaydes, Founder & Co-CEO, Talentful.
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Introducing Talentful Talks 2020

It's a new year, a whole new decade and Talentful Talks is back in full force with an entirely new line up.
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Is your job really safe from AI (and what can you do to protect it)?

Michael Brehm, founder of human augmentation software company i2x, believes we should welcome advanced machine learning in the workplace, not fear it. Just don’t call it AI…
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Inside Revolut: Meet The Global Digital Bank’s Newest Team

Revolut is out to democratise investing and is creating an A-team to get the job done. So, we head to Revolut’s London HQ to find out what it’s like to work there and how they’ve created a smart, entrepreneurial team culture.
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Announcing… Co-Founder Chris accepted into Forbes Human Resources Council

The Forbes HR Council is an invitation-only community for HR executives across all industries.
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We’re live from TC Disrupt Berlin!

Come and see us at Techcrunch Disrupt in Berlin, December 11-12, 2019
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Come meet us at TechCrunch Disrupt

We’re thrilled to be sponsors of TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on October 2-4, 2019 in Silicon Valley.
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We’ve opened an office in Berlin – here’s why…

We’re building a world-class team in the German capital - here's four big reasons why
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How to build an award-winning team culture when your colleagues are never in the office

Amido is officially one of the UK’s best places to work, despite many of their employees working off-site. We ask how they do it, and take a look at the science behind the strategy
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Do you have the right personality to work for a startup?

And which stage suits you best? Read our four-minute guide to find out...
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Can a gamified app determine your next job?

Gamification is making its way into almost every area of life, from military training to Starbucks loyalty rewards — why not the recruitment process too?
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Tips, tactics and strategies for climbing the ladder from five successful women in tech

In a sector where gender imbalance is rife, it can be a daunting prospect finding your first role, let alone rising to the top. We asked four successful women in tech for their advice on navigating the industry
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How Arcadia’s tech team are rethinking shopping for an online age

What are the challenges in leading the digital transformation of Britain’s biggest style brands? We ask the team in charge…
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Why Manchester is the perfect place for your next job in tech

We chat to fast-growing startup ResponseTap about the rise of the northern tech hub and attracting the best talent for it
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Berlin’s tech crowd share tips on building an inclusive workplace

We head to Germany’s tech hub to gain insight into the ever-evolving world of diversity and employer branding
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How the smartest startups hire like tech giants

Angel Azcarraga left Amazon to become CTO of property startup Spotahome. Here’s what he learned about attracting top-choice talent.
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The 8 types of people you’ll find in every office

Leader, Innovator, Team Player — which one are you?
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6 of the best tech podcasts to listen to right now

Our pick of the 6 best tech podcasts currently out there, divided up for every kind of listener.
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Coping with pressure in tech: why a support network is vital

London-based entrepreneur Sokratis Papafloratos talks about why looking after your mental health is essential for a happy and successful career in tech
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The job interview is dead! Long live the job interview

As the face-to-face job interview nears its 100th birthday, Talentful’s co-founders Chris Abbass and Phil Blaydes explain why it’s still the best way to build a team.
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“The biggest challenge is confidence”- Simone Maini, Elliptic COO

The COO of Elliptic, London-based crypto-crime prevention agency, on redressing the gender imbalance in tech, and the need to speak up when you have opinion.
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How to build your business (and your body at the same time)

Owner of both a successful app and a well-sculpted body, Joel Burgess is here to dispel the myth that hard work and a healthy lifestyle don’t mix.
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Would we do it again? Reflections on starting our careers at Talentful

Laela, Jem, Nathalie and Parsa write about their journey so far with Talentful after recent promotions from Talent Associate roles.
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What we’ve learned: Phil Blaydes & Chris Abbass, Talentful

“People are the only thing that separates the best companies from the average companies” - Chris, Co-CEO
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We’re Talentful, and we’re reinventing the recruitment industry

Our eight-step manifesto to help companies grow teams which are bursting with talent.
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Give a little..…Gain a lot

Ten staff took a day out of the office to volunteer & help vulnerable young people from the Princes Trust charity.
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Cutting through the noise: mastering the recruiter reach out message

Evie discusses the human approach to reaching out to talent, following February's lively Tech Rec event.
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Tech Rec 13th November

The very first Technical Recruitment meetup hosted at Talentful HQ. We share some thoughts and insights from the event.
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Jem’s top tips for achieving employee empowerment

Our bi-monthly HR club was in full swing. Read the highlights, as described by Talentful's own Jem Pauley.
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