How Atlassian made 199 hires in 12 months


hires made in 12 months


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Partnering with Talentful has been a game changer in our ability to scale our hiring by over 200% this past year. Talentful not only brings top-tier leadership support and TA talent to help get the work done, they care deeply about the how - which resonates and reflects our ability to grow as a company in a thoughtful, representative way.

Jessica Cummings
Head of Talent Acquisition

Headquartered in Australia, Atlassian produces tech that helps software development teams work together more efficiently and effectively. The company provides project planning and management software, collaboration tools, and IT help desk solutions such as Confluence, Trello and Jira to thousands of teams worldwide.

Founded in 2002, Atlassian has grown into a 7,000-person company with employees working across 13 countries. It became Australia’s first unicorn in 2015 after a valuation of $4.4 billion. Atlassian is now worth $100 billion after the demand for its software soared post-pandemic.

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The Challenge

Before partnering with Talentful, Atlassian had plans to scale extremely fast. However, their full-cycle recruiters were hitting capacity and, in the highly competitive market for recruitment in 2021, they were struggling to onboard extra support fast enough.

Full-cycle recruitment is a multiple-step operation that involves many processes and stakeholder management from start to finish. For Atlassian’s hiring team, this meant valuable time was taken away from being able to effectively source and add high-quality talent into the pipeline. Their hiring process was not moving at the speed needed to keep up with Atlassian’s rapid growth.

  • Balancing hiring extremely fast with hiring top talent

  • Full-cycle recruitment team hitting capacity

  • Faced challenges ramping up full-cycle recruiters

The Solution

In February 2021, Talentful placed five Talent Partners in-house with Atlassian to help build their full-cycle team’s top-of-the-funnel pipelines.

As the partnership kicked off, Atlassian received regular reports from Talentful on how the hiring mission was progressing so that the team could address any problems and realign efforts if needed.

Unlike agencies and some RPO providers, Talentful’s experts also delivered useful performance statistics and ROI metrics during Atlassian’s QBRs to showcase quarterly results to the leadership team.

  • Five Talent Partners initially placed in-house

  • Built top-of-the-funnel pipelines

  • Delivered performance statistics and ROI metrics

The Results

Talentful helped Level 5 Capital Partners successfully recruit for four key hard-to-fill roles, including the Product Engineering Lead, Real Estate Site Selection Manager, Senior Strategy Analyst and BI Architect. Talentful’s recruitment process was efficient, evidenced by each role’s low time-to-fill and time- to-hire metrics.

Over the six-month engagement, Talentful sourced an average of 168 candidates per week and conducted 17 recruiter screens and two first-round HM screens.

In addition to delivering hires, Talentful provided market and compensation research reports and established interview processes, enabling Level 5 Capital Partners to remain competitive in the market and attract top talent to the organization for the long term.

Overall, the partnership with Talentful helped Level 5 Capital Partners overcome their recruitment challenges and build a solid team to support their growth and expansion.

  • 168 candidates sourced per week

  • 20 days to hire a Senior Strategy Analyst

  • 14 days to hire a Real Estate Site Selection Manager