Helping Cutover reduce their average time to hire to 21 days

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Acceptance rate

21 Days

Average Time to Hire


Senior level hires

Taking a more executive-search style approach to a couple of niche/leadership roles has been the project that stands out most clearly; from doing market-mapping and talent intel research to a higher level than most exec-search firms I've worked with, to tailored, strategic candidate reach-out/engagement plans.

Alex Duell
Head of Talent

Cutover is a cloud-enabled work orchestration platform. It helps turn complex sets of human and machine activities into well-orchestrated, repeatable flows of activity, enabling teams to go faster while causing less customer-facing incidents.

Cutover specialises in complex, data-rich enterprises – primarily large banks, investment firms and fintech organizations.

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The Challenge

As an early-stage business, Cutover had no internal talent function and a heavy reliance on expensive candidate platforms to attract prospective candidates with their little-known EVP. Ahead of appointing a Head of Talent, Cutover looked to Talentful to establish a best-in-class, functional process for outbound headhunting that would level up the quality of candidates across technical roles. Talentful would then also need to work in close partnership with Cutover’s newly-appointed Head of Talent once hired.

Cutover were referred to Talentful via Index Ventures, who led their $17m Series A raise in November 2019, after successful partnerships with other early-stage investments in their portfolio. Talentful’s long track record of effectively scaling early-stage technology teams provided a compelling, coherent solution to Cutover’s challenges.

  • Attracting candidates with minimal brand recognition

  • Articulating a technical product to non-technical candidates

  • Competing for high-bar technical talent with tech companies with greater resources

The Solution

We parachuted a Senior Talent Partner from our Startups team into Cutover, accelerating the already impressive growth of the London office’s technical teams. After successfully hiring for all open roles within the first two months, we pivoted towards the implementation of our talent pool engineering methodology to build senior-level market interest in joining Cutover’s New York and London teams.

Cutover benefitted from an on-site talent partner with deep domain expertise, the clout of 4+ years of comprehensive hiring market data and an experienced Startup Director from Talentful, offering strategic guidance to the project team.

  • On-site talent partner with deep domain expertise

  • 4+ years of comprehensive hiring market data

  • Experienced Startup Director from Talentful

The Results

We successfully made 4 senior engineering hires across Month One and Two, delivered a successful executive search methodology, returned heavy cost savings vs agency charges for the same hires and implemented a robust talent pooling framework to provide long-term ROI beyond our partnership. This project was delivered during the market downturn caused by COVID-19, capturing Talentful consultant’s expertise in navigating challenging markets and mitigating the perceived risk of joining early-stage companies to passive candidates.

We saw a 100% offer acceptance rate, 21 day average Time to Hire, four senior-level engineering hires across cloud engineering, full-stack development and Ruby engineering.

  • 100% acceptance rate

  • 21 days average Time to Hire

  • 4 senior level hires