How we redesigned HomeServe Now's recruitment process

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Entire product and engineering teams built
New sourcing strategies introduced
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Interviews more structured, onboarding plan added
HomeServe Now is a tech product built by the UK's leading home assistance provider, HomeServe. The app is designed to enable HomeServe to connect its contractors with jobs, wherever they are and at any time.

Their vision is to transform the way people find trades, making home improvements as fast and as simple as ordering an Uber or Deliveroo.
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HomeServe Now is a new product, so we needed to build Product and Engineering teams from scratch. Talentful was our internal talent team and helped us to recruit our excellent talent I strongly recommend them. They have the right experience and the right approach and are able to move fast.

Linda Ghodbani
Managing Director

The Challenge

HomeServe Now was effectively a blank canvas for a consultancy project. With no processes in place or ability to plan around team growth, the options for what could be done to set HomeServe Now up for success were practically endless.

To increase confidence in their own ability to hire, the HomeServe Now team would first need to be brought up to speed on how to build sourcing strategies. They’d also need to learn about relevant recruitment metrics like ‘time to hire’ and the crucial role these metrics play in sustainable growth.

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    New product requiring building teams from scratch
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    Strategies and plans needed to be developed
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    Training needed for in-house teams to build knowledge of hiring processes

The Solution

It was clear from the outset of the partnership that the most productive route forward would be to create clear processes and a detailed plan for hiring. Talentful worked with HomeServe Now’s Managing Director, Linda Ghodbani, improvements

  • Knowledge of workforce planning to create a structured, balanced, and resistant engineering department.
  • Role prioritization to help HomeServe Now understand how to hire efficiently and in line with product release priorities.
  • Market mapping.
  • A sourcing plan to inform finding candidates in a structured way.
  • Interview structuring.
  • An onboarding plan.
  • Creating a solid plan of attack
  • Improving interview structure
  • Re-designing the onboarding process

The Results

Despite heavy disruption caused by COVID-19, Talentful was able to build the entire engineering and product teams to reduce reliance on outsourced software agencies.

Strategies and processes were put into place to help put HomesServe Now on a course for success as the ‘Uber for tradespeople’, with HomeServe itself also breaking into the FTSE 100 for the very first time during the course of the partnership with Talentful.

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    Entire product and engineering teams built
  • New sourcing strategies introduced
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    Interviews more structured, onboarding plan added

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