How Talentful helped Hopin make 353 hires in eighteen months

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Hires made in eighteen months


Saved vs. agency model


Effective rate

Launched in 2020, Hopin brings people together in a highly interactive and engaging online experience that feels just like an in-person event, only without the barriers.

Whether it’s a 50-person meetup or a 50,000-person conference—any type of event organizer can host a Hopin event for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and vendors to convene and interact face-to-face.

Within their first year of launch, Hopin attained double unicorn status and has since raised a total of $1 billion in funding over seven rounds.

Valued at roughly $8 billion, the tech scale-up is one of Europe’s biggest success stories during the COVID era.

Leah Bent
Head of Recruiting

Talentful offered a fantastic solution by providing expert talent partners that could hit the ground running straight away. The Talentful team has not only helped us scale at speed but has also massively improved the candidate experience and reshaped many hiring processes, which has enabled us to hire much faster.

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The Challenge

Before partnering with Talentful in 2020, Hopin’s internal team were overstretched and reliant on agency support for a number of the key technical hires that needed to be made. The team also required extra bandwidth to help document and centralize several processes and produce collateral such as kick-off documents, interview plans, candidate packs and interview training guides.

Though Hopin were one of very few companies hiring at the time (due to COVID-19), the competition began to increase rapidly in 2021, and the company had to up their game in many areas, particularly candidate experience. 

This meant, as well as reworking processes and hiring quickly, our expertise was also needed to significantly improve the candidate experience and help provide salary benchmarking data. 

  • Balancing hiring fast with hiring top talent

  • Data-driven approach and key metrics needed

  • Improve candidate experience due to increased competition

The Solution

Initially, two of our EMEA-based Senior Talent Partners joined Hopin’s team for a period of six months to help provide support across technical and go-to-market hires. With an internal team that already included a Head of People, Tech Recruiter and Tech Sourcer, the addition of Talentful was required to help achieve the ambitious headcount targets before the end of the year.

Following on from the success seen by the EMEA team, we onboarded another Senior Talent Partner to help hire the growing number of commercial roles being requested by the business in the Americas region. 

Later the Talentful on-site delivery team increased to five talent experts working alongside a Talent Lead and a Talent Director. 

  • Embedded talent partners to provide support

  • Flexibility to scale the team as demand increases

  • Expertise selected to meet ambitious targets

The Results

During our partnership with Hopin, we achieved 353 hires in eighteen months, with an average time to hire of 30 days. We also received excellent results in terms of acceptance rate, which reached 87%. Thanks to our embedded talent experts, Hopin has been able to achieve these results at an effective rate of 3.04%, compared to a standard agency fee of 22.5%. This has brought their cost per hire down to £2,254 and saved the company a combined £4,710,949 compared to a traditional agency.

Regarding improving candidate experience, Talentful worked with Hopin to conduct candidate feedback surveys, which revealed that candidates wanted more constructive and tangible feedback than they had been given. We realized that this would provide a great opportunity to increase candidate referrals, and convince more candidates to choose Hopin over other companies who hadn’t been as honest. With our help, Hopin implemented new guidelines and delivered feedback training to the recruiting team, so that they were better equipped for handling constructive feedback conversations.

  • 353 hires made in eighteen months

  • £4,710,949 saved vs. agency model

  • 3.04% effective rate