How Talentful saved i2x €73,589 in recruitment fees

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We tried several approaches and none of them were really delivering on the quality that we were looking for. And with Talentful, it was more of an extension of our existing team.

They were coming here, living with us, and experiencing what we were experiencing.

Tom Lienhart
Chief Operation Officer

i2x leverages the power of AI to transform the human voice into actionable insights in real-time, helping sales and customer support agents to excel at their jobs.

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The Challenge

As a relatively early-stage startup, i2x did not have the required resources in their talent function to hire at speed as they scaled. With no incumbent Head of Talent Acquisition or Head of HR, the challenge for Talentful was to build the talent acquisition function up from scratch and implement a standardized hiring process.

Kickoff meetings, KPIs and interview training were introduced as the first step towards sustainable growth, with organizational mapping and the creation of a talent strategy following as Talentful helped build a mature talent function for i2x.

  • Speed of hires needed in order to scale to meet demand

  • Org mapping and talent auditing required

  • Implement an ATS and set up tracking for key metrics

The Solution

Over an initial six month period (later extended to 11 months), Talentful provided i2x with a Talent Partner and a Principal to assist with hiring for both tech and commercial roles. The goal was for the two-person Talentful team to bring top-tier talent onboard, whilst also building the processes and strategies for i2x to continue to replicate any growth beyond the conclusion of the partnership with Talentful.

Where Talentful had the edge over traditional RPO models or agencies was in not delivering against hiring targets, but also being able to build transferable processes that would empower i2x to develop their own, in-house talent acquisition capabilities. Delivery – speed of hires in order to scale to meet demand. Strategy – setting i2x up for long term success with org mapping and talent auditing. Process – implementing ATS and setting up tracking for key metrics.

  • Two person embedded team

  • Rebuilding recruitment process

  • Improving speed of hire

The Results

In less than a year, Talentful built the internal talent acquisition structure from scratch, as well as hiring 14 mid-senior technical roles (eight headhunted) and also headhunting a Head of Sales.

Of the 18 hires made in total by i2x during the course of the partnership, 53% were sourced by Talentful. Talentful’s work generated the equivalent of €73,589 in total savings vs. a traditional recruitment agency model.

  • 14 mid-senior tech hires in 11 months

  • €73,589 saved vs. agency model

  • 53% of hires sourced by Talentful