Hiring four crucial roles in three months for LeadIQ


Key strategic hires made

33 Days

Key strategic hires made


Acceptance rate of offers

Talentful has helped us with finding key new hires in the timeframe that we need. The team are so easy to work with, and they have been very flexible in working across timezones to meet our requirements to hire across the world. I highly recommend working with Talentful, to help you find the talents that you need!

Mei Siauw
Co-Founder & CEO

LeadIQ is a sales enablement platform that eliminates multiple system data entry and drives adoption without interrupting prospecting. This helps sales teams close more deals with less time spent on admin creating a direct impact on the bottom line.

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The Challenge

Talentful joined LeadIQ in a crucial period in which some key hires needed to be made, right in the middle of a crisis affecting millions globally. With no existing talent function in the business and a very high talent bar, the challenge was sizeable – but not insurmountable.

What’s more, LeadIQ were targeting senior roles, meaning that traditional, commission-based agency partners would be incredibly expensive. An experienced Talentful Client Lead who could apply their expertise to make a handful of key strategic hires was the obvious solution.

  • Key hires needed during global pandemic

  • No existing talent function in-house

  • Agencies too expensive to be a viable option

The Solution

Talentful parachuted in an expert Client Lead for a period of three months. This person would be responsible for hiring a selection of key roles:

  • Head of Product
  • UX Designer
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Head of People

Through the hire of a Head of People, not only did the Client Lead bolster the business with the senior roles needed, but also set down the roots needed for future growth without reliance on an external partner.

  • Embedded Talentful Client Lead

  • Prioritize Head of People

  • Reduce reliance on external partners

The Results

In the space of three months, Talentful made four key hires, with a 100% acceptance rate on offers. The Time to Hire was just over a month, with an effective rate* of 11.79%.

As an added value project, Talentful were also able to put together a salary benchmarking report for LeadIQ to give them a more strategic view of the market.

*calculated by dividing the total spent on salaries by the total cost of the Talentful partnership.

  • 4 key strategic hires made

  • 33 days average Time to Hire

  • 100% acceptance rate of offers