How Talentful helped Ogury half their time to hire in 6 months

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Total salaries of roles placed


Decrease in Time to Fill in 6 months


New ATS (applicant tracking system) implemented

With limited permanent headcount available for an ‘unproven’ talent strategy, Talentful offered a great solution by providing experienced and well-trained talent partners that could hit the ground running straight away.

The Talentful consultants we have on site are very much part of the team and have been getting stuck into the day to day hiring as well the various strategic projects we launched this year to get tools & processes in place.

Lenneke Keehan
Global Head of Talent

Ogury is the creator of the first marketing engine driven by user choice. Ogury offers users clear choices about their data and digital advertising experience.

Since launching in 2014, the company has grown to over 400 employees across 14 countries and were listed in Deloitte’s #UKFast50 fastest-growing Tech companies of 2019.

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The Challenge

When Talentful initially joined Ogury, there were no recruitment processes in place and all hiring was conducted through external agency support. With 100 roles to hire across the business globally, Ogury decided their heavy reliance on agencies was not sustainable, and shut down all agency hiring activity.

That meant that the challenge for Talentful was to go beyond simply filling vacant roles. Ogury needed support with creating new processes, training internal team members and implementing a more strategic approach to growth – an area in which we excel.

  • Lack of existing processes

  • Reliance on external agency support

  • Hundreds of open roles globally

The Solution

We initially kicked off with one Client Lead, who came in to audit the existing processes and discuss the objectives of the partnership. After establishing hiring priorities and what resources were available, two further Talent Partners were added to help source and hire for immediate additional headcount.

Within the first 90 days, the Client Lead had implemented new processes to drive alignment between the business and talent team. This included kick-off documents and processes, interview plans, and coaching hiring managers on their interviewing.Following the success of the first team, another Talent Partner was added to support hiring in the engineering team.

Significant added value projects:

  • Kick-off processes
  • ATS onboarding
  • Market mapping
  • Interview coaching and training
  • Glassdoor project management
  • Talent reporting dashboard
  • Launched a new ATS

  • Standardized reporting across talent

  • Delivered interview training across all hiring managers

The Results

Through their partnership with Talentful, Ogury managed to dramatically reduce their time to hire while filling almost 100 roles. In just six months, the time to hire was decreased by 50%.

On top of this, we created market maps to identify strategic hiring opportunities and worked closely with the senior team to implement a data-led approach to talent acquisition.

  • $2,579,081 total salaries of roles placed

  • 50% decrease in Time to Fill in 6 months

  • 1 new ATS implemented