Recruiting key roles for Level 5 Capital Partners

Candidates sourced per week
20 days
TTH for a Senior Strategy Analyst
14 days
TTH for a Real Estate Site Selection Manager
Since 2009, Level 5 Capital Partners has been a leading growth equity firm that invests in market-defining consumer businesses. With a focus on health, wellness and family markets in Atlanta, Georgia, and the greater Southeast, Level 5 Capital Partners brings a wealth of expertise and capital to the table, identifying opportunities for rapid growth and scale.

Level 5 Capital Partners take on a limited number of investments so they can remain dedicated to providing consistent, hands-on support to their management teams. Their focus is on sectors that provide local, in-person services and experiences.
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The Talentful team played a crucial role in the growth of our organization, serving as an invaluable partner throughout the process.

Their meticulous attention to detail ensured that we were involved and informed at every stage of the search. Moreover, they swiftly grasped the intricacies of our business upon joining, effectively representing us in the market and instilling us with unwavering confidence in their pool of candidates. Thanks to their assistance, we successfully recruited key team members who we believe will significantly shape the future of our company.

Dave Robinson,
Managing Director - Marketing, Insights & Technology

The Challenge

Level 5 Capital Partners faced several challenges related to their recruitment process, prompting them to partner with Talentful.

Firstly, they needed to better understand tech recruitment in terms of compensation and market trends to ensure they offered competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract top talent.

Secondly, Level 5 Capital Partners needed to build out the infrastructure of their Marketing, Insights and Technology teams. This required hiring for hard-to-fill tech roles and leadership and senior positions. The organization wanted to ensure they were hiring individuals with the necessary skills and experience to lead their teams and drive growth.

To address these challenges, Level 5 Capital Partners was looking for a partner to help them navigate the competitive tech market, provide guidance on salary and benefits packages and help them identify and attract top talent for their open positions.

  • To better understand tech recruitment in terms of compensation & market
  • Build out the infrastructure of Marketing, Insights & Tech teams
  • Fill leadership & senior roles

The Solution

To address Level 5 Capital Partners’ challenges, Talentful developed a tailored recruitment solution, embedding a Senior Talent Partner in-house with the business, with the support of a Talent Director.

Talentful’s approach was to provide market and compensation research, establish interview processes and provide guidance on how to structure compensation and bonus packages to attract top talent.

As for hiring, the experts leveraged their extensive network and expertise to source and screen candidates for various roles.

The Talentful team also provided market research reports and salary benchmarking analyses to ensure that Level 5 Capital Partners remained competitive.

  • Embedded a Senior Talent Partner with a Talent Director to address Level 5 Capital Partners' challenges.
  • Talentful conducted market research, established interview processes, and provided guidance on compensation packages to attract top talent.
  • Talentful sourced and screened candidates for various roles, ensuring Level 5 Capital Partners had access to qualified talent.

The Results

Talentful helped Level 5 Capital Partners successfully recruit for four key hard-to-fill roles, including the Product Engineering Lead, Real Estate Site Selection Manager, Senior Strategy Analyst and BI Architect. Talentful’s recruitment process was efficient, evidenced by each role’s low time-to-fill and time- to-hire metrics.

Over the six-month engagement, Talentful sourced an average of 168 candidates per week and conducted 17 recruiter screens and two first-round HM screens.

In addition to delivering hires, Talentful provided market and compensation research reports and established interview processes, enabling Level 5 Capital Partners to remain competitive in the market and attract top talent to the organization for the long term.

Overall, the partnership with Talentful helped Level 5 Capital Partners overcome their recruitment challenges and build a solid team to support their growth and expansion.

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    168 candidates sourced per week
  • star icon
    20 days TTH for a Senior Strategy Analyst
  • star icon
    14 days TTH for a Real Estate Site Selection Manager

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