World-class recruiters, available whenever you need them

Our talent experts offer customized recruitment solutions enabling you to build a team set up for success. Through our embedded recruitment model, our recruiters seamlessly integrate with your internal talent team, gaining a deep understanding of your company culture, mission, and hiring requirements.

We get results


Reduction in cost per hire


Total hires made

30 days

Average time to hire


Client NPS score

A cost-effective way to onboard additional
recruiters to help you scale

Whether you’re an early-stage startup with no incumbent talent function or an established enterprise business with an extensive team, our embedded recruitment service can help.

High-volume hiring

Whilst an in-house team will always have a glass ceiling of how many roles they can recruit, our flexible solution can be scaled up to allow you to hire hundreds of roles in a matter of months, if required.

Specialist hiring knowledge

With expertise spanning from niche tech hiring to generalist commercial and G&A roles, we provide the experience it would take years to cultivate in-house.

Strategic & data-driven

We’ve spent years researching the recruitment process to understand how to find, attract and hire the best candidates. We use in-depth hiring data and provide consistent feedback on where we are generating results.


We save our clients an average of 48% based on our subscription model versus traditional recruitment agency commission. You pay a fixed monthly subscription with no hidden costs and all licences are included.

We’ve lived your challenges, that’s why our solutions work

Our unique form of embedded recruitment is built on a foundation of real in-house experience. Our founders, along with the core of our leadership team, have been in-house recruiters at the world’s fastest growing brands.

Every scaling business has its own unique challenges. However, with the benefit of decades of successful recruiting experience, we can provide you with an ideal solution.

Speed up your time to hire

Unlike larger RPO recruitment providers, we provide you with a flexible team who will start delivering hires immediately. And unlike agencies, rather than simply fill roles for commission, our experts will take a strategic, consultative approach and make efficiency improvements to your processes where required.

Get higher quality applicants

We have an incredibly high bar when recruiting our own experts, only hiring 3% of those who interview. Your embedded recruiting team will be highly proficient at finding quality candidates and will receive frequent training on how best to engage talent.

Ensure diversity among candidates

We are the only company trusted by deep tech labs in the world’s most innovative organizations, including robotics, quantum computing and computational chemistry. We have specialist teams focused on diversity hiring within these notoriously undiverse disciplines and are experts at finding the proverbial needles in haystacks.

Save money on agency fees

We save our clients, on average, 48% versus what they would be spending on recruitment agency fees. That’s because our flexible embedded approach enables us to select experts with the specialist knowledge for any given project, meaning you only pay for the expertise you need.

Minimise dropouts

Our data-driven approach to hiring means we analyze every step of the recruitment lifecycle and minimize dropout. If you’re losing candidates at the interview stage, we’ll take a close look at your hiring pipeline and diagnose the issue and provide the solution.

Prevent over and under staffing

By onboarding a flexible hiring partner like Talentful, you mitigate the risk of overstaffing or understaffing your in-house team. You can add more embedded experts to your account at short notice as your hiring requirements scale, whilst also benefiting from their guidance on recruiting best practice.

How do you build a game changing team with Talentful?

Start your monthly subscription

You’ll pay a fee on a monthly basis for your embedded team. This is based on the size and seniority of the team you require, which we will support you on before the project starts.

Meet your embedded hiring team

Our recruitment experts will be entirely focused on working with you. They won’t divide their time elsewhere, and we will only provide you with the best team for your specific needs.

Access our global talent network

Alongside your embedded team, you also receive strategic guidance from Talentful’s leadership and access to the pooled resources and knowledge of our 300+ global team.

Receive regular performance reviews

We review our performance with you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, providing you with detailed reporting on the success of each project.

What hiring needs do we face most often?

We’re growing quickly and need talent fast

Hiring plans are not always predictable or consistent. Talentful can plug into your business quickly and seamlessly in a matter of weeks. We’ve hired hundreds of roles in a short space of time for many of our fastest-growing clients, adopting a data-driven approach to ensure our partnerships are strategic and deliver strong ROI. Find out more about how we hire at scale in our client case studies.

We want to improve our recruitment process

Building successful processes that last is essential to team growth in the long run. It’s wise to consider bringing in external expertise to ensure this is done correctly. While some consultancies may advise on process without delivering on your hiring goals, Talentful provides a unique blend of tactical recruitment delivery, strategic process building and long-term planning.

We need extra support for our in-house team

It’s a common misconception that internal teams and external support are at odds with each other. At Talentful, we find that working with internal teams often creates the best results, as it allows us to combine our external expertise and specialized knowledge with the internal and cultural understanding of your in-house team. Our unique embedded approach means that our consultants work incredibly closely with existing team members to maximize results.

We want to keep the hiring bar high

Often, when hiring at scale or at pace, the quality of incoming candidates can drop. With pricing structures based around quick results, many recruitment partners are incentivized to hire the first candidate they engage, rather than the best candidate. By eliminating commission and focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we’re incentivized to deliver you the very best talent in the market.

We want to reduce our recruitment costs

Talentful partners save, on average, almost 50% versus a traditional agency model. This is because, rather than taking commission on individual roles, we focus on building strong partnerships that deliver ROI over time. Many of our partners even find that our model is more cost-effective over time than increasing the capacity of their in-house team.

Learn more about our hiring strategies

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