Use Recruitment Coordination as your secret weapon

The most successful hiring teams provide world-class candidate experience. Using our embedded Recruitment Coordinators, you can stand out from the crowd and generate impact from day one.

Why choose Talentful’s coordinators for your recruitment operations?

Interview scheduling

A time-consuming task that requires impeccable organization, our recruitment coordinators will ensure you’re seeing the right talent at the right time and free up your internal team from admin-heavy tasks.

Interview optimisation

Beyond simply booking interviews into diaries, our coordinators will seek to remove any blockers in the interview process and ensure a positive experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

Candidate experience

Changing roles or careers is a complex process, so to hire top talent you require coordinators with emotional intelligence and the ability to problem solve in the face of unexpected challenges.

Efficient onboarding

Talentful’s focus on excellence and expertise means our coordinators are already equipped with the knowledge of hiring best practices and the applicant tracking systems commonly used.

Reasons to outsource your Recruitment Coordination

Accelerate your hiring timeline

You may need help diagnosing whether your hiring process is too long, or whether steps can be automated to ensure you’re not losing top talent to process fatigue. 

Minimise interview dropouts

We’ll help you analyze what is causing talent to drop out and redesign your interview process to be more manageable for your candidates, without losing the rigor you need to keep the talent bar high.

Enhance candidate NPS satisfaction

Onboarding third-party expertise is a great way to take an objective look at why candidates aren’t satisfied with your recruitment process. We won’t be afraid to make difficult recommendations where needed.

Increase flexibility within your team

If your team is losing time to coordination tasks that don’t suit their skillset, our expertise can help free them up to focus on delivering results where it matters: making hires.

Empower your leadership with data

An external coordination partner like Talentful can help you understand which hiring metrics are relevant to your leadership and put the necessary measures into place to report on them.

Gain essential insights into tools and software

Talentful’s community of hundreds of recruitment experts, with years of combined experience, is the ultimate resource of pooled knowledge when it comes to the best tools and tech to leverage during the interview process.

Understand the root causes of process issues

When you onboard Talentful as a partner, we’ll help educate your team on coordination best practices and process optimization. It’s important to us that we share the knowledge we’ve worked hard to acquire.

Boost team performance and success

There may be unidentified issues in the hiring process that are blocking your team from doing their best work. Our coordination expertise can provide the solutions to enable your in-house recruiters to deliver results successfully.

What sets Talentful apart?

Embedded Approach

External staffing agencies don’t have first-hand experience working with internal teams. We do, thanks to our embedded approach, and we spend time prepping our coordinators in advance for the specific project they will be working on.

Agile & Efficient

A key component of effective Recruitment Coordination is the ability to assess and act at speed. We won’t waste any time in identifying and removing any blockers that exist within your talent acquisition process to ensure you see instant impact. 

High standards

We hire coordinators to think, not just to act. When you onboard Talentful as a recruitment coordinator partner, you are subscribing to a solution to any hiring challenges you face, rather than just an interview scheduling provider.

Find out how we can help you scale your team

Who will call me once I have submitted my contact details?

You’ll receive a call from one of our partnerships team, who specialize in understanding your talent acquisition needs and proposing a solution to maximize ROI.

How long is the onboarding process?

Whilst this may vary depending on the complexity of our proposed solution, our agile embedded model allows us to move from contracting to delivering results incredibly quickly.  

What would my recruitment operations team look like?

Based on your scaling requirements, we’ll propose a team setup that we believe comprises the right expertise for your business. We’ll work with you to ensure the consultants you receive match the skillset required for your project.  

What if I need to hire right now?

We thrive when running recruitment operations projects alongside recruiting for live roles. It enables us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the hiring process in real time, so there’s no reason to delay recruiting until after recruitment operations projects are completed.

Is it cost effective to work with a recruitment operations partner?

Many businesses elect to wait until far too late to optimize their hiring processes. In doing so, they run the risk of losing talent to competitors and having to go back to market for new candidates. It’s far more cost effective to build best-in-class processes from day one.