Flexible talent sourcing to build your hiring pipeline

Proactive sourcing is the most effective way to manage your company’s talent needs. Our proven sourcing methodology is designed to deliver a strong talent pipeline, connecting you with highly relevant candidates who match your requirements. With our approach, you can expect increased offer acceptance rates and a more successful hiring process.

Great recruiting begins with great candidates

We fill your hiring pipeline with highly skilled, relevant and engaged candidates. Our partners pay for our service on a monthly basis, which is based on the size of the sourcing team you require.

Technical roles

We know how to hire for complex tech roles and are able to source across a range of different specialisms.

  • Front end engineers
  • Web developers
  • Backend engineers
  • Platform / Infrastructure / Site reliability engineers
  • Product / Data analysts
  • App developers
  • QA / Testers
  • ML engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • Scrum masters

Product roles

Alongside deep technical roles, we can help you build your product team.

  • Financial specialists
  • Operations managers
  • People partners
  • Talent acquisition specialists
  • Office managers
  • IT support
  • L&D experts
  • Legal representatives

Go To Market roles

We can support with structuring a new team to take a new product or service to market, or help you launch into new territories.

  • Sales development representatives
  • Business development managers
  • Account executives
  • Brand marketers
  • Marketing operations
  • Growth specialists
  • Social media specialists
  • CRM experts
  • Product marketers

General & Administrative roles

We are experienced in sourcing the crucial roles that support your company’s growth

  • Admin Officer
  • Administration Manager
  • Administrator Coordinator
  • Data Entry
  • IT Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Office Assistant

Solving our partners' talent sourcing challenges

Our team consistently outperforms full-time equivalent sourcers by 20% on average, thanks to our proven methodology and frequent training in accessing untapped pools of passive candidates. We offer a competitive edge in attracting talent by leveraging our specialized techniques and expertise.

Leveraging Talentful’s professional sourcers allows your in-house team to focus their energy on what really matters to them: building meaningful relationships with candidates and having their offers accepted. Choosing a flexible subscription option for sourcing means you don’t need to bloat your team with additional recruiters to cover the time-consuming work of pipeline building.

We believe that diversity is the key to building smarter products and companies, and we’re proud to work with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations on building a more diverse workforce. Talentful is the only company trusted by deep tech labs in fields like robotics, quantum computing and computational chemistry, where we have specialist teams focused on diversity hiring.

Time is of the essence when it comes to sourcing, and our team is ready to start delivering value from day one. Whether you need to fill roles quickly or your hiring needs fluctuate, your embedded team can be tailored to meet your sourcing needs and ensure you have the talent to succeed.

Why choose Talentful as your talent sourcing partner?

Specialised tech hiring knowledge

If you require talent pipelining for niche tech roles, we have experts with experience in sourcing for the most challenging roles globally.

Volume sourcing

We source at scale, for large enterprise businesses including Microsoft, Expedia and Atlassian, finding hidden candidates and re-engaging with previously contacted people.

Successful global projects

We have a proven and successful sourcing methodology which all of our sourcers follow, meaning you gain access to the experience of hundreds of recruiters and over 250+ global projects.

Talent expert founded & run

Our founders are specialist sourcers themselves, so our training programmes are built upon true expertise, gained from working inside a number of the most successful talent teams.

Reducing bias

We can help you redesign sourcing processes that may be contributing to unfair recruitment practices. Our experts offer unbiased insights and training to help you eliminate biases and make better, more diverse hires.

Exceptionally high standards

Our delivery leadership team are all expert talent sourcers. They are there to QA the work that your onsite team do, ensuring the highest standards are consistently met.

Find out how we can help you scale your team

Who will call me once I have submitted my contact details?

You’ll receive a call from one of our partnerships team, who specialize in understanding your talent acquisition needs and proposing a solution to maximize ROI.

How long is the onboarding process?

Whilst this may vary depending on the complexity of our proposed solution, our agile embedded model allows us to move from contracting to delivering results incredibly quickly. 

Who selects the talent sourcing team I receive?

Based on your hiring requirements, we’ll propose a team setup that we believe comprises the right expertise for your business. We’ll work with you to ensure the sourcers you receive match the skillset required for your project.

What if I want to change my assigned sourcers?

Our consistent 9 and 10 NPS feedback scores from our clients highlight a proven track record in selecting the right experts for their needs. However, if we get it wrong, or if your hiring needs change, our flexible approach means we can reconfigure your sourcing team as required.