Recruitment that’s designed for startups and scale-ups

Our innovative embedded recruitment service has been designed to support the rapidly changing hiring needs of startups and scale-ups. Our proven model enables you to onboard an expert hiring team quickly and cost-effectively who can help you plan for future growth.

Flexibility to scale

Our flexible recruitment solutions are designed to scale with your business, ensuring that you have access to the talent you need as you grow.

Trusted by startups & scale-ups around the world

Our commitment to providing top recruitment solutions has resulted in more than 150 successful projects completed to date.

Access to the best talent

Our global network of hundreds of talent acquisition professionals enables us to source the highest quality talent for our partners.

Why should startups and scale-ups choose Talentful?

An embedded model combining the best of in-house, agency and RPO.

Whether you’re hiring for a single role or scaling multiple teams, our embedded solution improves both the quality and speed of hiring, connecting qualified and engaged candidates with fast-growing businesses.

Global hiring expertise

With deep knowledge across technology & product, go-to-market and G&A hiring, you can onboard experience it would take years to cultivate in-house.

A commission-free model

We don’t charge any complicated commission fees based on the hires we make. Instead, we partner using a flat monthly subscription fee based on your team size. This allows our experts to focus on delivering incredible results and not on boosting their commission cheque.

Consultancy & talent operations

Our global team has experience across 150+ startup and scale-up projects and can help advise on best in class process, frameworks and proven strategies to set you up for success. 

How do you scale up with Talentful?

Start your monthly subscription

You’ll pay a fee on a monthly basis for your embedded team. This is based on the size and seniority of the team you require and is inclusive of all the tools and resources they will use.

Onboard your team

Our recruitment experts will be entirely focused on working with you. They won’t divide their time elsewhere, and we will only provide you with the best team for your specific needs.

Access our global network

You’ll benefit from the pooled knowledge of Talentful’s leadership and hundreds of recruiters, as well as joining a community of early stage businesses who are experiencing the same hiring challenges as you.

Receive data and reporting

We review our performance with you on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, providing you with detailed reporting on the success of each project.

Scale-up scenarios where Talentful can help

Scaling after a funding round

If you’re scaling after a seed round or Series A to D, we can partner with you on creating or enhancing your talent acquisition function and provide strategic leadership to support the next stage of your growth.

Launching into a new market

The nuances of attracting talent in different markets can be a stumbling block. We’ve hired for clients globally and have experience in launching into new markets.

Building a team from scratch

When building a successful team, we help you prioritize which roles you need first, as well as hiring the more niche senior roles you need to kick-start a new function.

Adding additional capacity to your permanent team

Hiring requirements within startups and scale-ups change rapidly, and can quickly overload your internal team. Talentful provides a flexible option for increasing your recruiting capacity with experienced, dedicated professionals.

Looking to fill senior roles

Executive and VP-level hires are crucial to moving your business forward but can be the hardest to get right. We can help you secure the leadership talent you need to scale successfully.

Lowering your Cost Per Hire

Whether or not you have calculated your exact cost per hire, choosing a flexible recruitment model is more cost-effective. We save our clients, on average, 48% of the fees they spend on agencies.

Client testimonials

When consultants are involved in all three of those things: delivery, stakeholder engagement and project work, I think you get the most out of Talentful. Given the quality of the consultants I've worked with from Talentful, that's what sets them apart from competitors.

Scott Baxter

Talent Acquisition Manager

Having Talentful on-site as an embedded partner within our business has allowed us to scale quickly, but to grow in the right way and hire great people enabling us to continue our growth for the future.

Matt Norell

Head of Tech Recruitment

If you're going through a hyper-growth scale-up process and want to match quality, speed and cost, the embedded model is the way to go. I can say that with confidence after working with Talentful.

Kevin Seay

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

With Talentful, it's not just about doing all of their tactical boots-on-the-ground recruiting. Another thing that I've found to be super valuable from Talentful is the advice they've given us: how to create a very compelling employer value proposition, doing A/B testing with reach-outs to candidates and growth hacks to tap into additional channels.

Nathan Woo

Head of Engineering

man in black shirt

Talentful really embedded themselves into Depop's team and culture, which meant that we were able to identify strong candidates, run efficient recruitment processes, keep communication high and significantly reduce our time to hire. I would highly recommend the Talentful crew to any company looking to grow their team quickly and efficiently.

Chris Wilkinson

Director of People

man speaking

We tried several approaches and none of them were really delivering on the quality that we were looking for. And with Talentful, it was more of an extension of our existing team.

They were coming here, living with us, and experiencing what we were experiencing.

Tom Lienhart

Chief Operation Officer

box testimonial video cover

"Talentful had an immediate impact on our recruitment process. The Talentful community added so much value for us. Everyone we worked with was cheery, outcome and results-driven and a joy to work with.”

Michael Kenway

Recruitment Manager, EMEA

woman speaking

Talentful really made sure that the hiring managers know what it means when we scale, they gave us a structure.

When building the product team, we needed five product people and Talentful managed to hire all five, the full team, within six weeks. This was really awesome.

Vera Termühlen-Enger

Global HR Director

woman in black top

Talentful are really helping us find the best talent, that are the right fit culturally for the business. It’s really important, particularly when you’re scaling.

They come in and feel like a part of your business, so by spending time in the office, traveling to the different offices, getting to know the business, makes them feel as though they are part of the company.

Zoe Rumford

Chief People Officer

man talking

The big surprise was the quality difference in the candidates and how much easier it was as a process.

The key is being embedded in the company, and that is so different. The relationship is so much closer. It goes from being like a customer/client relationship to being a part of the team, fully understanding what I want and what the company wants.

Sam Coley

Co-Founder & CTO

woman talking

It feels like a true partnership, so I feel like I’ve got another voice and thinking partner within the organization who thinks about HR.
Talentful have helped me hire probably in the hundreds now. We’re getting massive traction. Without really great caliber people, we couldn’t do that.

Tamsin Webster

Director of HR

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