RPO, but not as you know it

We call it Embedded Recruitment. It’s similar to recruitment process outsourcing but, unlike other solutions, we embed ourselves fully into your business and your team.

This model allows us to deeply understand your hiring needs and provide strategic support from hiring high volumes of roles to implementing new processes and analyzing your talent pipeline.

What is RPO recruitment and how does Embedded Recruitment differ?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing involves bringing onboard external talent acquisition specialists, either to act as your entire talent function or as a critical part of it. It’s an efficient way of adding additional experience and expertise when you need to scale quickly and don’t have the resources in-house.

However, most RPO solutions still operate outside of your business. With our embedded solution, you gain a team of recruitment experts who learn your culture and build more productive relationships with your team, enabling a more efficient hiring process to secure you the best talent.

Our founders, along with the core of our leadership team, have been in-house recruiters at ambitious tech businesses before.

They understand the pain points that talent acquisition teams face and have created a blueprint for scaling companies successfully.

If you’re looking to scale your team or overcome a unique hiring challenge, there’s never been a better time to onboard Talentful’s experts.

The benefits of working with us

When you partner with Talentful, you’re subscribing to a recruitment model unlike anything else out there.

Data-driven, strategic hiring

  • Comprehensive data across metrics to help you evaluate speed of hiring, quality of hires and dropout rates.
  • All partnerships begin with an in-depth talent audit to give you a benchmark for how your talent function is currently performing.

You pay a fixed monthly subscription

  • No hidden fees or commissions to pay on individual hires, just a flat monthly rate.
  • No hidden costs and all tools for LinkedIn licences, L&D budgets and recruitment tools are included.

Access to our global talent network

  • Our experts have years of experience and understand exactly how to build the teams you need to scale your business.
  • We have over 300 in-house recruitment specialists with access to the global Talentful community.

Scaling the world’s most ambitious companies

Hiring at volume requires a strategic approach built around relevant experience. You’ll be working with talent acquisition experts who have succeeded time and time again.

With you through every step of the recruitment lifecycle

The process of hiring top talent begins long before sitting down to interview. We can help you optimize each step of the recruitment lifecycle, so you have the best chance possible of outshining your competition when attracting and onboarding talent.

Candidate sourcing and talent pipelining

Building a strong talent pipeline is essential to sustaining your hiring efforts over time. We are experts in sourcing specialized talent to supercharge your business when the time is right.

EVP and candidate messaging

Clarifying your value proposition to employees (EVP) will help you avoid losing out on top talent. We can help you refine your EVP and communicate it to the right audience.

Interview standardisation and training

Running consistently effective and efficient interviews is crucial to hiring at scale. We can help build your interview program and train your team so that you are maximizing the value for both you and candidates during the process.

Technology evaluation and implementation

Recruitment technology is constantly changing and it can be tricky to stay on top of the latest innovations. Our team has a deep understanding of all the most effective tools and how to implement them seamlessly into your business.

Diversity, equity and inclusion strategies

Diversity, equity and inclusion need to be more than just buzzwords in your recruitment process. However, it can be hard to know what action to take to effect change. We’ve built strategies before and know how to deliver real results.

Pre-screening and assessments

Pre-screening or assessing at an early stage can be a fine balance. On the one hand, you need to understand the capability of candidates. On the other, drawn-out assessment phases can repel talent before you have a chance to sell your mission and benefits. We’ll help you understand the best process for your business.

Reporting and analytics

Data underpins any effective recruitment process. We can build you best-in-class reporting and analytics to understand where you’re excelling in attracting talent, and where you could improve.

Talent mapping and market insights

We’ll work with you to understand the talent landscape in front of you. How many top-level candidates are there in the market you are hiring in? Where are you losing out on talent, and where could you be gaining talent from? We’ll provide you with the insights you need.

Find out how we can help you scale your team

We’re growing quickly and need talent fast

Hiring plans are not always predictable or consistent. Talentful can plug into your business quickly and seamlessly in a matter of weeks. We’ve hired hundreds of roles in a short space of time for many of our fastest-growing clients, adopting a data-driven approach to ensure our partnerships are strategic and deliver strong ROI. Find out more about how we hire at scale in our client case studies.

We want to improve our recruitment process

Building successful processes that last is essential to team growth in the long run. It’s wise to consider bringing in external expertise to ensure this is done correctly. While some consultancies may advise on process without delivering on your hiring goals, Talentful provides a unique blend of tactical recruitment delivery, strategic process building and long-term planning.

We need extra support for our in-house team

It’s a common misconception that internal teams and external support are at odds with each other. At Talentful, we find that working with internal teams often creates the best results, as it allows us to combine our external expertise and specialized knowledge with the internal and cultural understanding of your in-house team. Our unique embedded approach means that our consultants work incredibly closely with existing team members to maximize results.

We want to keep the hiring bar high

Often, when hiring at scale or at pace, the quality of incoming candidates can drop. With pricing structures based around quick results, many recruitment partners are incentivised to hire the first candidate they engage, rather than the best candidate. By eliminating commission and focusing on quality long-term partnerships, we’re incentivised to deliver you the very best talent in the market.

We want to reduce our recruitment agency costs

Talentful partners save, on average, almost 50% versus a traditional agency model. This is because, rather than taking commission on individual roles, we focus on building strong partnerships that deliver ROI over time. Many of our partners even find that our model is more cost-effective over time than increasing the capacity of their in-house team.

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Embedded RPO FAQs

What is RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the practice of outsourcing all or part of the recruitment process to an external provider.

What are the benefits of recruitment process outsourcing?

An RPO is a long-term, strategic partner. You benefit from the external expertise of an experienced third party, with RPOs often able to advise on best practice and build effective processes.

What is an RPO recruiter?

An expert in their field, an RPO recruiter is both incredibly adept at hiring for the roles you need and knowledgeable in what the recruitment process should look like.

What are the differences between internal vs external recruitment?

Internal recruitment functions will always have a better understanding of your business, brand and culture. External recruiters bring additional expertise and are a more flexible option. Talentful’s embedded model combines the advantages of both.

How does RPO complement talent acquisition?

An RPO can either act as your entire talent function or be an additional resource for your existing function. When slotting in with your existing function, RPO recruiters may bring a level of expertise that you don’t have in-house and can also work with your internal team to build processes that will last in the future.

What is our recruitment process?

Talentful’s recruitment process is built to set you up for success. You’ll undergo an initial audit phase to understand where the opportunities are in the market, then you’ll benefit from our embedded model combining external expertise with a better understanding of the inner workings of your business and culture.

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