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We asked over 300 tech companies how they recruited their talent and what matters most to them when measuring success.

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The recruitment challenge

From startups to scale-ups and unicorns, tech companies know that recruitment is the number one challenge they face.

Each company might have different demands, geographies, and funding, but tech companies still share a need for the best talent – to help them transform their industry and be a market leader.

Find out what the big takeaways are in this report.

What’s inside?

  • An insight into how many tech companies rely on outsourcing vs. in-house teams.
  • An understanding of what these companies value: the quality of talent? Time to hire? Volume of people coming through the door?
  • A look at what metrics other companies are using to measure the success of their talent acquisition.
  • Data-backed insights into how to set your talent acquisition team up for success.

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