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Our embedded model gets results time and time again. From helping scale two of Europe’s fastest growing startups to partnering the biggest tech businesses in the world, the bespoke solutions we provide continue to exceed expectations.

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"When consultants are involved in all three of those things: delivery, stakeholder engagement and project work, I think you get the most out of Talentful.

And I think, given the quality of the consultants I've worked with from Talentful, I think that's what sets them apart from competitors."

"So to me, if you're going through a hyper-growth scale-up process, if you want to match quality, speed and let's be realistic here, cost, the embedded model is the way to go. I can say that with confidence after working with Talentful."

"With Talentful, it's not just about doing all of their tactical boots-on-the-ground recruiting.

I mean, they do do that, of course, but another thing that I've found to be super valuable from Talentful is the advice they've given us: how to create a very compelling employer value proposition, doing A/B testing with reach-outs to candidates, how to do growth hacks to tap into additional channels."

Partnering with Talentful has been a game changer in our ability to scale our hiring by over 200% this past year. Talentful not only brings top-tier leadership support and TA talent to help get the work done, they care deeply about the how - which resonates and reflects our ability to grow as a company in a thoughtful, representative way.

They not only have an appreciation for the craft of talent acquisition - the fact that things like representation, quality, and efficiency matter - but they know how to truly partner. They have been the strongest external partnership I have had the pleasure of experiencing in my career.

"Having Talentful on-site as an embedded partner within our business has allowed us to scale quickly, but to grow in the right way and hire great people enabling us to continue our growth for the future."

Making the decision to onboard Talentful as an embedded solution to help drive high-volume engineering hiring at Lyst was 100% the right one.

Talentful hit the ground running with complex engineering hiring needs and were able to build great and trusted relationships with our hiring teams. We would definitely recommend!

The Talentful team have had such a profound impact. We are so grateful, and we have been floored by the contributions and the partnership that these individuals brought. Each individual has not only met but exceeded their goals. Additionally, they felt like a truly embedded part of the team. The Talent Partners have built tremendous credibility with our internal stakeholders and helped up-level the knowledge of our talent team. All of this is much more than I would have expected from an agency partnership. We are forever grateful for Talenful!

Our internal team reached 100% capacity after Hopin’s growth surged at the beginning of 2020 and we needed support to scale fast.

Talentful offered a fantastic solution by providing expert talent partners that could hit the ground running right away. The Talentful team has not only helped us scale at speed but has also massively improved the candidate experience and reshaped many hiring processes, enabling us to hire much faster.

Talentful has helped us with finding key new hires in the timeframe that we need. The team are so easy to work with, and they have been very flexible in working across timezones to meet our requirements to hire across the world. I highly recommend working with Talentful, to help you find the talents that you need!

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