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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Hiring: 6 Long & Short-Term Strategies

Here are six ways you can integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your hiring strategy. 

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How I Introduced My Drag Queen Alter Ego To My Colleagues

The third blog in our Pride Month series - Matthew Goddard, Senior Talent Lead at Talentful, shares his story of how he introduced his drag queen alter ego 'Sal Ford' to colleagues and clients.

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Why I Celebrate Pride Month As An Ally

Kiran Kaur, Talent Partner at Talentful, shares her personal story of why she celebrates Pride Month as an 'other.'

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The Forgotten Letter In LGBTQ+

Alicia Crowley, Talent Partner at Talentful shares her personal journey towards acceptance and explains in her own words why she believes 'B' is the forgotten letter in LGBTQ+.

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Our US Modern Day Black Heroes: Zendaya

Zendaya is a singer, actress, activist, model, and an inspiration to young women of color. She is the chosen US Black History Month modern day hero of Adriea Herndon, Talent Partner at Talentful, San Francisco.

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Our Modern Day Black Heroes: Sir Lenny Henry

“I want to ensure that the young, up-and-coming talent enter an industry that is truly diverse and reflects the society we live in” - Lenny Henry. Office Manager Natasha Silliton writes about her Black History Month hero.

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Here’s How You Get Everyone To Buy Into A Great Company Culture

Our Founder and Co-CEO, Christopher Abbass, shares his insights on how to form a company culture that everyone in the team can get behind while scaling rapidly.

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Here’s Why You Should Care About the Gender Pay Gap

"To close the gender pay gap we all need to take steps that put everyone on the same path." - Vyshi Pereira, Senior Talent Partner at Talentful.

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This Is Why Blitzscaling Threatens Talent Acquisition And Company Culture

- Christopher Abbass, Founder & Co-CEO, Talentful.

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