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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Conduct A Talent Audit

The world has changed rapidly over the last year and data suggests this will continue, so it's likely that your industry will follow the same pattern. By conducting an in-depth talent audit, you’ll be able to identify the significant skills gaps that must be filled to succeed in the new normal.

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How Talentful Can Help Scale Your Team Post-Covid

From implementing proven recruitment techniques to process reviews, workforce planning, employer brand content and diversity workshops – we have the expertise to help transform your business.

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Five Tips to Keep New Hires Engaged Before Their Start Date

Pre-boarding employees is the period between a candidate signing their offer letter and starting their new role, and it can make or break the experience for your new hires.

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Five Ways To Engage And Support Your Team Remotely

Engaging your team can be challenging enough at the best of times, but as we have all experienced in one way or another, COVID-19 has introduced a whole new layer of complexity and challenge to the ‘workplace’.

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Roundtable Recap: How to Rapidly Scale Talent Team Capabilities When Hyper Scaling

Talentful and Recruiting Brainfood team up once again to host a roundtable for some of Europe's leading Talent decision makers. On the agenda: how to scale your talent function when the business is in hyper growth.

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Roundtable Recap: Why is Now the Right Time to Conduct a Talent Audit?

Earlier this month, Talentful teamed up with Recruiting Brainfood to host a VIP roundtable for some of the UK’s leading figures in HR and Talent Acquisition.

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The Importance Of People Analytics In A Post-Coronavirus World

Tom Davies, Talent Partner at Talentful, explains how people analytics help shape the future of work and why this data is critical for all aspects of a crisis response strategy.

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Oiling Your Hiring Engine During a Market Shake-Out

"Take a scythe to your costs, tarmac a runway extension and double down on work-from-home think pieces. We’ve got a business to save." - George Morriss, Director of Startups, Talentful.

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Why You Need Bias To Be A Great Recruiter

"There are a lot of biases that humans have. You aren't born with biases, they're created by experience and your environment." - Phil Blaydes, Talentful Founder and Co-CEO.

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